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Welcome to EduStation, the UK’s leading educational parenting website. We aim to provide information and advice for parents who strive to understand their child. Every young person has the capability to shine and we try our best to make that happen, through the most important people in their lives: YOU! Please read more about who we are and download our FREE worksheets to assist in your child’s learning. To download just clock Download Free Worksheets at the top of the page.


We are committed to helping parents with encouraging their child to make the most of their educational experience. As well as providing information and advice for those areas which directly affect performance in the classroom, we also support parents in areas such as eating, mental health and exercise. EduStation recognises the importance of acknowledging the multitude of aspects of a child’s development, which will help you, as parents, to guide your child through their unique and highly diverse experience.


Our areas of expertise are not like the average educational website, which tend to focus on one source of knowledge. With contributions from teaching professionals and psychologists alike, the resources and information available to you are of the highest quality. Of course, our parenting nature would be no good if we didn’t draw upon the valuable experience of actual parents. The information provided by our professionals has been carefully crafted by people like yourselves, parents with on-hand knowledge, into an
exceedingly dependable and accessible resource.


When we sought out teaching professionals, we hand-picked the finest individuals who have up-to-date knowledge of a child’s experience in the classroom. This enabled us to produce valuable worksheets and a fantastic workbook, which your child will benefit from immensely. Drawing upon important aspects of the newly revised curriculum, Edustation allows parents to be confident that work being done outside of the classroom is applicable to that being done in it. Most importantly, your child can benefit through the guidance and support we provide to you. © 2013